ARCEO law firm began its operations on 24 January 2014. Since the time of the firm’s foundation, our experts have been rendering a highly qualified support to the most successful companies of the industrial complex as well as individuals.


The most urgent matters, which need to be resolved for such entities, include the following: participation in negotiations, preparation of agreements (including foreign economic ones), elaboration of contractual schemes, consultations and implementation of the procedures regarding acquisition of rights to the objects of intellectual property, defense of rights at judicial institutions and assistance in connection with operations with the state-owned controlling bodies.


Our firm has been rendering legal assistance to business entities in various fields of business activities: commencing from entities of the agroindustrial complex and ending with the companies rendering medical services.


It should be emphasized that our permanent clients also include the individuals, who are authors of musical pieces and owners of sound recording studios.


During the course of maintenance of business activities of our clients, we felt an urgent need in protection of such activities, given that in these latter days it has been a rule, rather than an exception, when searches are conducted by the controlling and law-enforcement bodies on the entities’ premises and in their executives’ residences’, in entrepreneurs’ offices; when  directors and accountants are detained in violation of procedural regulations and all documents and technical means of such entities are seized (and even those documents and technical means, which bear no relationship to the object of check).


Thus, in order to protect business operations conducted by our clients as well as possible outcomes associated with conducting such activities, our firm has been active in providing defense in criminal cases.

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