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We are glad to welcome all those who visited our electronic office!
Our web-page is created for those persons, who would like to review main principles and provisions underlying the activities of ARCEO law firm.


It should be forthwith pointed out that the firm’s particularity consists in the following fact: the firm’s activities are oriented towards a narrow group of individuals, who thereupon become the firm’s permanent clients; such particularity leads to the possibility to create relationships based on trust, to feel the clients’ needs and assignments as well as enables us to resort to a tailor-made and balanced approach to each issue or problem faced by a client.



We are trusted as true partners


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Main vectors of the firm’s operations include servicing of entities falling within the group of IC (Industrial Complex). Such servicing means participation of highly qualified lawyers in the processes of negotiation, elaboration of contractual schemes and immediate preparation of contracts, including foreign economic ones, assistance in settlement of conflicts via negotiations (mediation), performance of works related to pre-court settlement of disputes (works related to claims) as well as representation in courts in connection with the initiated cases.


It should be emphasized that the firm’s experts include those specialists, who are allowed to have access to the state secrets, which enables us to participate in the cases, which may be heard only by a limited number of lawyers or attorneys. In addition to the above, our firm has on its staff those attorneys, who are issued the attorney’s license enabling them to act as attorneys on the territory of other states.


At the same time, we do not allow our clients to resolve, on their own, those personal problems, which inflict their immediate influence on the maintenance of business activities. Such problems may include road accidents, complication of relationships with banks and insurance companies, conflicts with neighbors, division of property, acquisition of ownership rights to property and defense before law-enforcement bodies.


Our experts in the field of intellectual property rights will render an exhaustive consultation, conduct procedures related to acquisition of rights to the objects of intellectual property; by engaging our firm, clients secures a reliable partner and highly professional assistant.


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